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Attic Access Doors
The Problem:

Up to 60% of a home's Energy Loss is caused by air leakage through the ceiling into the attic, mainly through the Attic Access opening, also called "attic hatch" or "scuttle hole".

The U.S. Department of Energy describes that an Attic Access is a "big hole in the ceiling".  Adding an insulated cover and weather-stripping to an attic access can reduce air infiltration and energy-loss through this passageway.

The Solution:

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                    Installed AccessMate Door

Werner Ladder- Televator Door Issue

U.S. Green Products recommends the installation and use of the Werner Ladder Company's Televator Telescoping Attic Ladder.  These ladders are a perfect fit for small attic access openings in tight spaces in homes.  The only issues customers have had and will continue to have is that the Televator does not come with an Access Door.  The customer/installer has to make their own door on-site and this causes many problems for the installer.  They require the use of specialty tools, the purchase and cutting of plywood, installation of door hardware, painting of door, and the cost of trimming the door.  Also, it is almost impossible to insulate the custom-made door from the back-side of the door.

The solution and perfect option is the AccessMate Doors from U.S. Green Products.  They solve all of the issues listed above.  The doors install inside the room, do not require painting but may be painted to match any decor, eliminate the finish trim, all hardware is factory-installed on the door and come factory-insulated and weatherstripped to completely seal and insulate the attic access opening.

Werner Televator Small Opening Attic Ladder- Actual Industrial Ladder Web Page

Werner Televator Small Opening Attic Ladder

Downloadable Werner Televator Brochure (PDF)

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