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Attic Ladder Insulator
The Problem:

1.  Attic Ladders, also called Folding Attic Ladders, Attic Stairways, Pull-down Stairs, or Folding Attic Stairs are useful devices for accessing your attic space, but when installed a large (10 square feet) uninsulated opening is created in your ceiling robbing you of your energy dollars!

2.  The ladder door itself is 1/4" thick plywood that does not seal around the perimeter of the door, creating air leakage directly into the attic 24 hours a day.  It's like leaving a window cracked open all year round!

3.  The majority of attic ladders are not insulated, creating a huge amount of energy loss through this passageway into the attic.

4.  All attic ladders when installed are "ugly".  This trim-framed door in the ceiling of your home with a pull-string hanging down from the ceiling is not very "21st Century" in looks.

The Solution:


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Visual Infrared Comparison.pdf

Downloadable Attic LadderMate Brochure (PDF)

    Cover hangs down behind attic ladder to provide easy access into attic.


                                      Fold attic ladder up into place.


Fold Attic LadderMate up into place to seal and insulate the attic ladder door.