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Make sure that your contractors are installing our line of products in your new homes to complete the building envelope and make your homes more energy efficient.  Your homeowners will appreciate the special attention you have made towards the air-sealing of their new home, especially due to the fact that all of our line of covers install from inside the room showing the “Sealing the Ceiling” concept and making them visible to your customer.


If your contractors don’t offer our products to you, you have the option of purchasing our covers direct and save money.  Contact U.S. Green Products for large quantity pricing.


We suggest that if you purchase covers direct from U.S. Green Products you can have them installed by your finish carpenter contractor.  Since our covers eliminate the finish trim around the attic access opening or attic ladder, the contractor can install an AccessMate or Attic LadderMate cover in less time that it takes them to trim out these openings.  So basically you can get the covers installed free of charge using your existing finish contractor.





If you are an insulation contractor, installer of attic ladders or remodeler, remember to complete your job with U.S. Green’s line of insulated covers.  Leaving these large openings unsealed and un-insulated is a disservice to your customer.  Our products should be a standard part of your installation process.  The covers only take 7-10 minutes for the initial installation and then detach and re-attach in seconds.


Include our line of covers in your service and make additional profit for the installation of the covers while you are at the jobsite.  Contact U.S. Green Products for large quantity pricing on our line of covers.


  It’s time to upgrade all of your Attic Access Openings into the 21st Century!