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                                                Whole House Fan Insulator
The Problem:

Whole house fans are a great useful product for saving energy in your home when used for cooling purposes in the Spring, Summer and sometimes Fall months.  The problem is that during the seasons when your Furnace or Air conditioner is in use the whole house fan shutters leak all of this heated and cooled air through the ceiling shutter into the attic and out the roof.  It may be the largest energy waster in your home! 

The average shutter has over (9) square feet of uninsulated and air leakage area. You could be losing up to $200.00 per year through the fan shutter when it's not in use.  Why lose all of the Energy saved by the whole house fan when it's in use, in the months that it's not in use!  If it's not sealed and insulated it defeats the whole purpose of the fan.

The Solution:

The following Infrared Photos show the enormous Energy Loss from the average Whole House Fan Shutter!